What makes a perfect pop-up couple?

Over the years experience has taught me that there are a number of brides that dream of fabulous and memorable wedding days, but have no idea what they actually want. Their Pinterest board looks Martha Stewart threw up all over it, they didn’t realize that the average wedding budget had so many zeros behind it, and who knew there would be so much anxiety behind picking a color scheme or a decor map?

Impromptu was started behind the revelation that wedding vendors ACTUALLY know what they are doing and have some pretty incredible creativity.. if you give them the chance. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good bride that knows exactly what she wants and spells it out for us so we can make her wedding dreams come true. But a bride that gives us a general feel or concept and let’s us run wild with it? Even better.

Impromptu gives the bride and groom 3 wedding concepts to choose from, all customizable from the start. The best part? The cost is just $6,000. No, there is no catch. We as vendors have worked hard to put together an incredible wedding day for the LUCKIEST Montana Bride and Groom! We know our costs, we broke them down, and now the only pieces missing are the ones exchanging vows! And a few of their closest family and friends. Less than 30 to be exact.

That’s the other beauty of an IMPROMPTU wedding. It’s smaller, more intimate, and just a sweet and cozy experience overall. Why so few people, you ask? Insert the next best part of a pop-up wedding. It’s in just a few months! No more stressing for a year, no more changing your mind 500 times, no more silly arguments over bridesmaid dresses and dessert options. There’s no time! Sit down, pick your option: (One, Two, or Three?) and marry the love of your life!

Check out this year’s IMPROMPTU I DO Theme Options:

What could be more romantic than a spontaneous (and cost-worthy) celebration just a a few months after you get engaged? Talk about a longer honeymoon stage!

Are you intrigued and dying to know more?! I thought so. Here are the creative wizards behind this year’s IMPROMPTU I DO:


Planning, Design, and Coordination: Soiree 99 Events

Venue: The White Raven

Floral Design: Bitterroot Flower Shop

Paper Goods: August and Stone

Photography: Paige Marie Photography

Desserts: Poppy Bakery

Catering: Riversong Gourmet

Dress: Velvet Bride

MUA: Moxie Makeup

Bridal Hair: Karyann at Canvas Studios

Okay, HERE is the catch… you knew there had to be one… There can only be ONE bride and groom for this year’s IMPROMPTU I DO… I KNOW! For this specific date anyway. This year’s pop up will be happening on Saturday, April 21st. So, what do you think? Are you interested in being the first annual bride and groom for this year’s IMPROMPTU I DO?

Scroll to the bottom for all entry options and even more details! The more entry options you choose, the higher chance of being selected!

Best of Luck,

Your IMPROMPTU I DO vendor team


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