Why hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding can be stressful– but it doesn’t have to be! A planner can save you time, energy, stress and money. While you are paying for their services, the advice that you get and the vendor recommendations can help you save in a number of ways. Brides often underestimate the amount of hours it takes to put a wedding celebration together. It has been found that the average wedding takes over 200 hours to plan. Our design and planning services can help you choose venues, vendors, help with budgets and timelines, give decor and fashion advice, and attend to all the unique design touches your wedding requires leading up to the wedding day. As the bride, it is your job to take in every moment of your wedding day and enjoy the experience. Hiring a wedding planner will not only help you do that, but will help remind you of that leading up to the wedding as well.