“A Big City Personality with a Humble Appreciation for Montana Beauty.”

Brittany Newman | Founder and Creative Lead

I truly believe that no Montana wedding or event should be the same. As a wedding planner and event organizer, I take joy in meeting with my clients and finding out what makes them tick, gives them joy and fuels their passions! It’s through getting to know you that I am able to create the event you have been dreaming of. My goal is to take your expectations, add my innovative flair and wow you with the final product. I am always looking for a challenge and a desire for something refreshing and noteworthy in the event industry. My laid back approach to planning and conversation will have you envisioning dreams you never knew possible, and my drive for perfection and professionalism turns on the moment it’s time to get to work. It is the ultimate combination in a wedding planner and event planning professional that makes this experience one to remember– a friend, counselor and coach through out the planning process who has your back on your big day. Have some ideas, but not sure where to start? I look forward to speaking with you and dreaming up the ultimate event experience together!

A few other noteworthy facts about me

I am a hopeless romantic.

For me, LIFE = LOVE. I pour my heart and soul into everything and everyone in my life, and every wedding that I experience gives me the same heart flutter. It is through my own experiences that I am driven to give every couple the wedding of their dreams and a day filled with more love than they could have ever imagined.

Pretty little details make me giddy.

A polka dot coffee mug, herringbone patterns, black and white color schemes, taper candlesticks, and anything that sparkles are just a few of my favorite things. Whether it’s home decor or picking out the perfect gift wrap, perfect details make life worth living. They are also what separates a nicely decorated event from a perfect one.

My day doesn’t begin until I like my outfit.

I adore fashion in every form. My friends and family  will tell you that the wildest manikin in a department store always reminds them of me. I believe in expressing personality in your wardrobe and am drawn to anything bold or bright. Your first opportunity to make a statement is in your wardrobe. I love to own that and be me.

The mountains will never stop taking my breath away.

I live on 5 acres of land in the middle of the Bitterroot Valley with a spectacular view of the Bitterroot and Sawtooth Mountain ranges. Looking out my window gives me life every morning and the views on the drive home help me feel grounded at the end of a long day. I feel so lucky to be planning weddings and events in a place this beautiful. It doesn’t seem fair sometimes to have the natural design inspiration that I do. 🙂

I am a fitness addict.

My day isn’t over until I’ve had my daily dose of endorphins. I truly believe it is the active side of me that drove me into the event planning industry. I’m not being me unless I am on my feet and on the move. Precisely why I get such a rush of adrenaline on event days!  

I believe in Happily Ever After.
Being overly optimistic and a hard work ethic have gotten me far in life, but my husband was not earned. We met on a blind date and fell almost immediately. I had the ultimate joy of creating our dream wedding day and watching him embrace it. He is simple and a minimalist, and I am over the top and bold as can be. The perfect balance found by coincidence. If I can play both bride and wedding planner while giving him the wedding of his dreams, I can do it for anyone. Fairy tales do exist. Never stop believing in that.